A quiet Sunday, just as I like them

Sunday, 10 January 2021

I started my morning off feeding the cats and birds, then sat in my rocking chair, tea, muffin and camera in hand or nearby, then watched the birds. Today is day one of my two-day count. I cherish these moments. The cats usually join me, sometimes Mom does too. I sit for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, depends on the birds and my humour.

Today we had an influx of redpolls. I counted 25! Last week we had four. Unfortunately the goldfinch don’t stick around when the redpolls visit. I counted one this morning and he didn’t stick around for long.

Redpolls eating seed on the veranda. ©WQuinn 2021

After my bird watching I made a batch of lye soap. I’m hoping to recreate the lye soap from Nova Scotia’s Sherbrooke Village. That stuff is incredible for getting stains out of clothes. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve visited and stocked up and we recently ran out. Fingers crossed 🤞 I get it on the first batch!

Blue Jay with corn kernel in his beak is perched on veranda railing, framed my Christmas tree branches. ©WQuinn 2021

Left side view of redpoll perched on a branch. ©WQuinn 2021


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