Thanks to a pandemic curfew, sounds I haven’t heard since childhood have returned

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Day 1 of curfew

Emergency alert from Quebec notifying residents of a mandatory curfew from 8 pm to 5 am

Receiving an emergency alert this evening reminding residents of the mandatory curfew stopped me in my tracks. Figuratively speaking, as I was lying on my bed reading 😉

But I found myself completely immersed in the moment, letting it sink in. In my lifetime, this is a first. In my Mom’s lifetime, this is a first. We are living in strange times.

The upside is no cars, or very few cars – on the road. Since 8 pm there have been about 8 cars. During the same time period yesterday, there were probably closer to 500.

I stepped outside for a few moments to experience the quietness.

What I noticed immediately was the lack of cars on the highway. And the hum of traffic from highway 50 is gone. I could actually hear the ice on the river burping…a sound I haven’t heard since the 70s!

I enjoyed stargazing to the sounds of nature and it was wonderful! This has been my dream, to live in a place far from traffic where the only sounds I hear are nature.

A Redpoll bathed in the warm glow of sunrise. ©WQuinn 2021
Halo around the mid afternoon sun over a snow covered field
I didn’t notice the halo around the sun until I looked at the photo. Very cool! ©WQuinn 2021


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