It’s that time of year again to let go of what no longer ‘sparks joy’

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

It amazes me how much stuff I continue to accumulate. I’m not even sure where it’s coming from, but there’s no end to it.

Actually, now that I’ve given it some thought, I have a problem. I have so many hobbies, so many crafts I want to try, ideas on recycling, reusing and upcycling that I keep everything with the intention of doing something with it, someday. The problem is that someday rarely comes, especially in this household!

For every item that makes its way to the garbage, I see it living in a pile with a million like it and I shudder. I can’t send this off to the landfill. There has to be something I can do to reuse it, recycle it, so I put it aside until I find something to do with it, or 6 months have passed and I’m in declutter mode and it finds itself in the garbage.

Then there’s the family historian in me that wants to protect important and valuable items and papers to pass down to the next generation. Although I’m learning that old boxes of papers and photos are not considered, by everyone, an exciting treasure. Who knew? 🤷‍♀️😉

It’s been a while since my last purge and I can feel it’s time to do it again. I was sort of forced into starting in my bedroom. My bed frame broke a couple of nights ago and my first thought was to replace it with a smaller bed. I love my queen sized bed but my room is just too small for it. The pandemic made me long for a separate space where I could be, to read, to write, to just be alone. With a smaller bed, I can add a small desk or a reading nook. Oh the options are exciting!

Watching World Juniors in bed.
©WQuinn 2021

I found a new, unused bed on Kijiji which, thanks to my brother, will be delivered tomorrow night. My old bed needs to be dismantled which means my room needed to be decluttered. Hence the purging starting tonight.

My room feels airy and light. I’m in the decluttering mood and can’t wait to tackle my closet next!

Lunchtime walk to the river. Love the contrast between the black water and white snow-covered ice. ©WQuinn 2021

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