Please slow down

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

It started with a loud bang that sounded like a truck had dropped it’s load or when our snow plow driver drops his blade at the entrance to our lane.

It was an accident, involving three vehicles, outside my neighbour’s house. Three police cars, three fire trucks and two ambulances. I don’t know what happened but I could guess.

Vehicles are always speeding, pulling out to pass those doing the speed limit. Always in a hurry. For what? Who knows but them. There doesn’t appear to be serious injuries, thank the Lord, but it could have been a lot worse. In a split second, your life can change. Please slow down. Take your time getting to where you need to go. Enjoy the scenery along the way. Make the drive part of the joy of the adventure.

Back to my regular scheduled programing 😉

Today was my first virtual office Christmas party. I’m the type of person who shies away from these events when they’re in person by hidng out in my cubicle, so I wasn’t overly excited about attending a “virtual” party. In all honesty, I completely forgot about it until I received the 15 minute meeting reminder. I jumped up from my laptop and right into the shower. 15 minutes later I was sitting at my laptop, smile pasted on my face, freshly showered and wearing presentable clothes.

After a “visit” with our ADM, the fun started. Games! Who knew they could be so much fun. There was a scavenger hunt that brought out my competitive side. I even got Mom involved. This was followed by quizzes and what not. All in all, it was a lot of fun with a lot of laughter. So, kudos to the team who threw it together for us.

Friday is my directorate Christmas party and we’ll be participating in a virtual escape room. Sounds like fun!

I enjoyed an afternoon walk along the old nature trail, getting close to the river to get pictures of the ice. The river is frozen for as far as I can see – from the narrows to the bend before the dam. What an amazing skate that would be! If this cold snap keeps up and the snow stays away… we would have a river to skate away on 😉

Here are some pictures from my walk. Enjoy and please, be careful out there!

The north view of the river where the narrows are.  
Photo of the day, 16 Dec 2020 ©WQuinn
South view of the river at the bend before the dam. ©WQuinn 2020


  1. Love frozen landscapes!
    Reminds me of a pond near my parents home that every few years someone ends up nose diving their car into it. Took a good 30 years but they finally put up a guardrail so my dad doesn’t have to help fish people out anymore.

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