What does one do on a rainy Saturday two weeks before Christmas during a pandemic?

Saturday, 12 December 2020

Well, one thing is not go shopping with hundreds of other residents. The parking lots were quite full today. How did I know? I’m glad you asked 🤣

My niece got married in October. My gift to them was taking photos and creating a wedding album. The album was delivered this morning and I couldn’t wait to get it to them. I dropped it off at their door then stood a great distance away as they opened it. We only stayed a few minutes as Quebec has a no visitors rule in effect. On our way home I actually longed to be in a store, even in a Christmas crowd, browsing and shopping. How I miss the freedom of our pre-covid days.

I spent the rest of my day FaceTiming with my niece, painting, finishing the decorating – got the village up – and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Now, if only that rain and freezing rain were big fluffy flakes of snow!

Christmas tree and village alight tonight.
©WQuinn 2020

I painted a watercolour Christmas scene for a card that will be making its way out West to a family member this Christmas. It’s been a while since I painted…felt good to get back at it!

Christmas scene watercolour painting. Photo of the day, 12 Dec 2020 © WQuinn


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