Lazy, rainy Sunday’s are…

Sunday, 15 November 2020

I was up at the crack of dawn – well, I was up at 7 am…close enough when you consider golden hour begins at 6:30 ish. Once the cats and birds were fed, I had all this time on my hands and was full of energy.

One reason I love mornings…a full day is ahead of you, like a blank canvas just waiting for paint to be laid down. I edited some photos, made bran muffins for breakfast…yum! Read a little, napped a little, reminisced with Mom about our trip one year ago today, and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie… It was a lazy Sunday!

Thank you!!!

I am so touched and grateful to all of you for following my creative journey. Thanks for following me!

Project Feederwatch

Today is my first count day of the new season. The birds must have gotten the memo because they mostly stayed away today. Funny how they do that on count days and when I get my camera out!

Some did make an appearance and I’m hoping more do tomorrow too.

Photo of the day, 15 Nov 2020 © WQuinn

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