Nature is refreshing, especially when hundreds of geese photo bomb your video

Sunday, 8 November 2020

I filled my long weekend with things I wanted and needed to get done but put off a walk and meditation in my special forest because there was no time…or I was too tired by the end of the say.

By this morning it was plain to me I needed some quiet time in nature…I was irritable, cranky, and out of sync. Yet, it took me until 3:30 in the afternoon to finally get my butt down to the river.

I wanted to go to the forest but my neighbour decided to pick that moment to mow her lawn. The forest wraps around her property and a loud lawnmower isn’t much fun to meditate too. So, I headed down to the river in front of the house. Unfortunately, traffic was heavy and the water amplified the sounds of cars, trucks and motorcycles racing along the highway!

I walked, crawled, scrambled along the “shore”, if it can be called that. It was soft, wet clay that was difficult to get a sturdy footing; thick brush and trees the beaver left behind lying hidden among the tall reeds. I found a spot that muffled the surrounding sounds and set my phone up on a small tripod to record the singing bowl meditation.

It was a beautiful spot, the sun reflecting on the tree tops, reflected in the water. Ducks swimming by, chickadees nearby and a few geese.

La blanche river. ©WQuinn 2020
White River. ©WQuinn 2020

I played the singing bowl for about 10 minutes and was really happy with how well it turned out.

Singing bowl meditation:

Then I started another one and a few minutes into it, hundreds of geese began to land on the river! It was an incredible sight and sound!

I enjoyed the moment then packed up and headed home to start supper, now with a lighter step and happier mood.

River reflections. Photo of the day, 8 Nov 2020 ©WQuinn

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