Holy warm Thursday!

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Holy moly it was warm today! A welcome break from regular programming, that’s for sure! We had lunch on the veranda in the sun!

Geese take flight in the morning sun.
©WQuinn 2020

The evening grosbeaks were back at the feeders today.

Mr and Mrs Evening grosbeak.
© WQuinn 2020
Evening grosbeak.
Photo of the day, 5 Nov 2020 ©WQuinn

After work we headed into Ottawa to pick up a few things. Ritchie Feed and Seed was our first stop, for sunflower seeds. They have a deal where you prepay five bags of bird seed and save a percentage. I think it’s 35% but don’t quote me on that. Then you pick up the bags as you need them. Once you’ve collected your five bags, you can start again. It’s a pretty good deal for me as I go through a lot of seed every winter.

We had a couple of other places to visit then had a curbside pickup of Swiss Chalet’s festive dinner. The stars aligned in that my nephews and sister in law were just about to have dinner so we joined them with our take out. It was nice to see them again and the festive dinner was yummy!

I’m off tomorrow. Looking forward to getting outside and finishing up winterizing. I thought I was done until the snow came. I quickly realized what else needs to be done!


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