The thinning veil… Mercury is retrograde…Crazy October energy!

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Mercury has been retrograde since mid-October and will be until November 3. It was noticeable for me this time around, what with computer problems and communication errors abound. Some of those communication errors could be comedy scripts…the things I misunderstood, thought I heard that didn’t quite make sense turned out to be not at all what was said. Thankfully, I don’t need to go for a hearing test. Mercury will be back to normal soon!

I still remember one place I worked at in the early 2000s. In addition to being the desktop publisher, I was also the first level support for the Mac and PC computers and servers in the office. I had five or so Macs and 10 PCs under my care. I would get a feeling when something bad would happen, send an email to the staff and follow up with nagging them to save their files on the network and not their local drive… back-up important documents…

Without fail, something would happen and someone’s hard drive would crash or fail and they would lose their files. One co-worker wondered if I didn’t plan the entire thing just to prove a point. Ha! Like I had time on my hands to come up with such an elaborate plan. Not to mention the time spent trying to fix the problem or working with the IT department to get a new hard drive installed. It wasn’t long before they trusted my gut feelings and listened to my advice to back up their work and use the network drive as much as possible. It also wasn’t long before I was being asked for the dates when Mercury would be retrograde.

Peace flows like a river.
Photo of the day, 29 Oct 2020 ©WQuinn

The thinning veil

I write about this every year at this time. I can’t ignore it even if I tried, and I have tried.

Even if you’re not a hyper sensitive person who feels energies on a normal day, the closer to All Hallows Eve that we get the more intune we all are. I compare the feeling to creepy crawly…like you’re being watched… or the tiny hairs on your arm and neck stand straight up.

The veil begins to thin a few weeks before Halloween. The closer we get, the thinner it gets and the easier it is to communicate. For me, it started three weeks ago with dreams. Dreams of people who have been long gone but want to pass messages to their loved ones still here.

There is nothing more I like to do than contact someone I don’t know very well to tell them their deceased loved one came to me in a dream and wanted them to know… I’m being sarcastic here.. in case you couldn’t read my sarcasm.

Last week it was signs, coming to me left, right and centre. This week it’s shadows, lights flickering, things falling…

But it’s also things coming to fruition, answers to questions, ideas and new paths being illuminated, things finally making sense, new people coming in, others reconnecting. The rewards of this Mercury retrograde plus a thinning veil. I’ll gladly accept it!


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