I played Christmas music today

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

A snowy start to the day. ©WQuinn 2020

I woke up to snow on the ground this morning and it felt like Christmas. I baked a batch of Ginger Spice cookies and listened to a beautiful Christmas piano playlist on Spotify.

Ginger Spice cookies ©WQuinn 2020

During these crazy pandemic times, it’s important to find joy in the little things, even if it’s still October and too early – in some people’s opinions – for Christmas 🎄 music. For the record, I believe it’s never too early to play Christmas music 🎶

I finally managed to get a good shot of the white-breasted nuthatch.

White-breasted nuthatch
Photo of the day, 28 Oct 2020 ©WQuinn

The Evening grosbeaks were back at the feeders today. This time I counted eight.

And Mrs Cardinal is becoming less shy.

Female Cardinal ©WQuinn 2020

I ended the day with an after dinner walk to the river. So much beauty in nature.

Peaceful river ©WQuinn 2020

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