Winter is coming

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Brrr… You can feel snow in the air.

Photo of the day, 24 Oct 2020 © WQuinn

I stepped out a few times today to either feed the birds or take pictures and it was down right chilly. So strange after the beautiful hot day we had yesterday. During the night we had lots of rain and high winds which blew the leaves from the trees. Happy to have taken lots of photos yesterday!

I counted three Goldfinch at the feeders today. They’re slowly making their way home. I have also seen a white-breasted nuthatch a few times, once yesterday in the tree I was painting. Haven’t gotten his photo yet, just a matter of time. We normally have red-breasted nuthatches so this is a treat! Project Feederwatch begins November 14, can’t wait to start tallying my feathered friends! Oh, by the way, we had a wild turkey stop by for a visit yesterday. Curious if they’ll return for another season.

Today’s photos

A few more leaf photos from this morning.