300 days of posting and today it’s political, thanks to the West Wing

22 October 2020

Last week I started watching The West Wing again. I think it’s my fifth time…could be seventh though…I love it that much.

Tonight I watched the season one finale and the first episode of season two…the one where President Bartlett and Josh get shot. There are flashbacks to the early days of the campaign and how the team came to be. What stood out for me is when Jed asks Leo why he chose him to run for president. Leo said he was tired of having to chose the lesser of the two evils every four years and he believed a good man could become president.

I feel like that for every election. I know I’m not alone and imagine that sentiment helped get the current president elected down south. Canada isn’t much better off, candidate-wise. Our current Prime Minister is a decent man. I mean they all are when compared to some world leaders. But…they’re politicians…they say one thing but mean another. There is no direct answer to questions, just the blurb that will make the news. The day they take office they are campaigning for re-election instead of doing their job and doing it well.

Just once I would love a leader to stand up and tell the truth, own up to a mistake, tell it how it really is. “I screwed up. I’m sorry. I’m human and shit happens.” Or answer a question honestly and without a rehearsed comeback. Engage with people and reporters honestly, sincerely and not for a well placed photo op.

Maybe one day we will change the rules so you can only be in office for one term…this is it, make it count! Maybe one day we will have leaders who want to make positive changes for the betterment of Canadians and not their parties, friends or for their personal gain.

I’m really not that cynical. I believe there are good people who run for office and want to make positive changes. Just as there are leaders who get into politics for all the right reasons.

Some day, someone will come along who will see the world differently and knock our socks off. Until that day, I will keep watching The West Wing and dream of the improbable one day becoming probable.

Today’s photos

Look who’s back in town!

American Goldfinch.
Photo of the day, 22 Oct 2020 © WQuinn

And who’s still in town.

American Robin. © WQuinn 2020

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