Hump day

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The title was going to be “Rainy Wednesday” but I thought it might be a little depressing, so went with hump day…the weekend is almost here!

Honestly, this has been the longest week! I was sure tomorrow was Friday. I was saving the Salmon for supper tomorrow, thinking it was Friday… We had two of our three Hello Fresh meals this week. Chicken Monday and Tuesday. Salmon tomorrow. Have you tried these meal kits? They are quite good, and reasonable.

I enjoy cooking, especially when I’m handed all the ingredients – in the exact amounts – and a recipe card. I grab my apron, put music on that I can sing along to, pour myself a drink and start cutting. Stress melts away as I dance around the kitchen singing along to my favorites.

I tried Chefs Plate a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. There were a few recipes I still use today, like their bolognese! Yum. After awhile though, the recipes didn’t appeal to me so I took a break. Lately though, I find we’ve been ordering-in too nuch…thanks to DoorDash. We live in a rural area where ordering-in meant pizza from the only place who would deliver to us. We’ve been ordering from them for 30 years. So you can imagine how exciting it was when DoorDash arrived on scene! It’s wayyyy too convenient.

Anyway, back to Hello Fresh. I had a coupon so gave it a shot. We’ve enjoyed five meals so far, the salmon tomorrow will be six. I like the convenience of having everything there for me. No planning or buying. We won’t order it ever week, but maybe once a month to give me a break from menu planning… especially during a pandemic when I order my groceries online and don’t know if I’ll receive everything I need.

Today’s photos

After a day of rain, the clouds moved out and the sun shone!
Photo of the day, 21 October 2020

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