It sounds more like April than October

Sunday, 18 October 2020

I stepped out onto the veranda this morning, pleasantly surprised it wasn’t freezing out and yet also surprised to hear the red-winged blackbirds singing. Not to mention the robins serenading us throughout the day. It’s highly unusual for these birds to still be here. I’m enjoying hearing them but somewhat confused why they are still in town.

I was excited to spot three Cardinals at my homemade platform feeder. A male, female and juvenile! I wasn’t fast enough with the camera… Maybe tomorrow!

A funny thing happened today… The racoon has absconded with several of my suet feeders. In the past, I would find them in the backyard somewhere, but not lately. So, this morning, I head into the forest to gather pine cones and to record a meditation.

Finding a comfortable spot, I set up my phone to videotape the sounds of nature, along with the singing bowl. Afterwards, I record a guided, grounding and centering meditation to meet your faerie and elve guides, with the sounds of nature as the backdrop. It was peaceful and serene with many birds singing and a chattering red squirrel.

When it was over, I collected a few more cones then was ready to leave. I was surrounded by dense brush and picky trees. Hesitating about which way would be the least struggle, I recalled part of the meditation where the faeries and elves could guide you through nature (and life) if asked. So I did. A “path” became obvious to me that wasn’t before. I took it. A few steps in, I noticed a lovely pine cone, reached for it and saw a black cage buried in leaves…my suet cage!!!

You’ve got to love the faerie/elve and spirit world sense of humour.

A glimpse of the sun.
Photo of the day. 18 Oct 2020 ©WQuinn

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