The ever changing October skies

Friday, 16 October 2020

I remember working in a typing pool when I first started working. I was barely 18 and had my name in at several employment agencies.

Employment agencies! Now that brings up even more memories, like the tests you had to take to be accepted to the agency. Writing, grammar, typing…all before computers. It was nerve wracking!

But back to my typing pool days. This one job I was working in a tall office building – on Laurier Street in Ottawa – with floor to ceiling windows. The space was open concept, with probably five desk pods. A pod was four wooden desks pushed together, facing each other. I occupied the one on the right facing the window. The view was facing south and every few minutes you could see a plane taking off from the Ottawa airport.

It didn’t take long for my supervisor to change the seating assignments. Maybe a few days. A few days of catching me staring out the window watching the world go by, daydreaming, wondering where the planes were going and how incredible it would be to be on one.

Maple tree.
Photo of the day, 16 Oct 2020 ©WQuinn

I’m still distracted by the view out my window. I was up several times today taking pictures of the ever changing skies. They are so incredible, I find it difficult to just let them go by without some sort of acknowledgement, capturing them to share with others. Then again, maybe no one else really cares about them. Maybe there are people who don’t get lost in the beauty when the look out a window. I can’t imagine, but I’m considering moving my desk so I’m not distracted…then again, the distractions aid in my creativity. Ya, that’s it. Think I’ll leave well enough alone!


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