An awesome Thanksgiving weekend!

Monday, 12 October 2020

A little on the chilly side this morning…3°C / -1° with the windchill. Yet, we sat outside on the veranda with our coffee and tea, all bundled up to enjoy the sunshine.

It was a quiet day spent puttering at things. I baked several dozen pine cones. Yes, you heard that right. I decided to try it and it works quite well. Although, the pine scent was overwhelming after the fourth batch so I shut down the operation for another day.

Then I switched to jewelry making, soldering jump rings. This was my first time using a soldering iron. I have experience using a torch, but decided, instead of investing in new tools, I would use what I have on hand. I was also using a small magnifying light, instead of the large one attached to my drafting table in the basement. Things were going along ok, when I reached out to move the iron, grasping the iron instead of the handle. Needless to say, I’m down one index finger for awhile. Also grateful I can slide my thumb across the keyboard on my phone to write this. Even more grateful the big project I start tomorrow at work won’t require much typing!

The Moon at noon today. Photo of the day, 12 Oct 2020 © WQuinn
Some pine cones before baking.
©WQuinn 2020

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