It’s Friday of a long weekend!!!

Friday, 9 October 2020

Woke up to 0°C on the thermostat and a heavy frost coating the grass.

Frost melting in the morning sun
© WQuinn 2020

This should be it for the ragweed! I’ve noticed my sense of smell coming back and I’ve been feeling like my old self again… about time!

Yesterday, in anticipation of the frost, I clipped some mint from the gardens to dry for tea. While walking from garden to garden, I noticed the yard was filled with pine cones. They were everywhere. They were also in great shape and the sap on the edges look likes snow. Perfect for Christmas crafts!

Pine cones littering the lawn.
© WQuinn 2020

I filled a small box yesterday and, during my lunch today, I thought I’d pick a few more. I grabbed a small box but saw a larger box and laughed… As if I could fill that. High hopes! Well, not only did I fill it, I filled another small one too!

Most of the summer I had my eye on the cones growing on the tree. I don’t recall seeing so many before. We had a wind storm a few nights ago and I guess it was enough to clear the tree. Lots of pine needles too, more than most years.

Cool clouds.
Photo of the day, 9 Oct 2020 © WQuinn

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