Oops, almost forgot to post

Thursday, 8 October 2020

I almost forgot to post tonight…after 285 days, in a row, of posting photos, thoughts, musings and ramblings, I somehow forgot about a daily habit. To be honest, I don’t know what reminded me. But here I am!

Could be a change in routine, I suppose. After work this afternoon, we headed into town to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving. Metro has Butterball on sale for $1.99 /lb.

Normally we shop in the morning and it’s usually to pick up our online order. And we don’t often go Metro.

After supper, I attended an online genealogy event. I’ve been wanting to attend the event for ages but…it was snowing, it’s too cold, I’m too tired.. If only I could beam myself there. One upside to this pandemic is the online events! I’ve attended two this week.

That’s another break in routine. Happy, positive breaks but apparently enough to throw me off my blogging game! Hahahaha.

I took two pictures this morning – I was busy with work today – both with my phone and not great but I’m going to post them and then add some cute ones from yesterday.

Have a good one!

The sun shining on the field this morning before it vanished. Photo of the day, 8 Oct 2020 © WQuinn
This morning as the sun rose behind the cloud cover. © WQuinn 2020

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