Happy Saturday!

Saturday, 3 October 2020

The day started grey and dreary but it wasn’t long before the sun came out. What a difference it makes! My plan was to look for a couple of things in the garage, which before the boys cleaned it to would have taken hours. Now though it was instant! I needed to move the lawn tractor out of the garage but the darn battery was drained. I boosted it, got it going but didn’t want to shut it off until the battery was able to charge up a little. So, I found myself mowing the lawn! It wasn’t on my list of things to accomplish today but what the hey. It was fun!

The old Quinn barn.
Photo of the day, 3 Oct 2020 © WQuinn

I managed to get a few more projects crossed off my to-do list. Maybe I should add ‘mow the lawn’ just so I have one more item to cross off 🤣

Finished the platform feeder!
© WQuinn 2020

Looking forward to tomorrow to see what more I can accomplish!


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