Dean Brody and the drive-in concert

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Wow! That was the best organized event I have ever attended. No hitches or glitches. Lots of space between cars. No one blocking anyone’s view of the stage. Plenty of portable potties meant no line-ups. Several hand-washing stations were available. Merchandise, drinks and snacks could be ordered online and delivered to your car.

The sound was great. The view, amazing. Especially with the moon rising over the stage and Jupiter and Saturn next to it. Just before the sun went down, the Starlings performed a show flying here and there and back again before landing on a telephone wire.

The main event though, wow. It was my first time seeing Dean Brody in concert. Full disclosure: I’m not a huge country music fan. But, I like Dean Brody and I like his music. He’s the real deal. A nice guy. Down-to-earth, real as it gets. He has no problem with looking into his phone, looking directly at his male viewers and telling them, heart to heart, that it’s OK to not be OK. He speaks openly about depression and his journey with it.

Tonight, as he introduced his next song – Black Sheep – he spoke about how we are all unique. If you have ever felt like you didn’t belong, it’s because you’re unique. We’re all different and that’s what makes us so special. That we need to be ourselves and not copy other Instagram pages, but be yourself. What a guy.

Thanks Dean for being you and having the courage to speak up.

Tonight’s photos


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