O Sunny Days, Where have you gone?

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

I woke up to another grey sky. I think that’s three in a row now but could be more. The days are blurring together. Allergy brain fog isn’t helping. It might be time to get the sun lamp out and fill the house with ultraviolet rays. Every year we go through this dark period and every year I’m amazed at how much I rely on the sun to light up my life. Hopefully sunnier days are on the horizon but until such time, I’m relying on the therapy light.

Having my nephew as guest photographer yesterday – weren’t his photos awesome – has given me the unique opportunity to create a buffer of one day for posting. Which is great for today as I have a photo of the sunflower and two photos of two very wet and unhappy blue jays!

Today’s photo of the day:

View of the field across the way. The colours kept grabbing my attention, making me look over and over again.
Photo of the day, 9 Sep 2020. ©WQuinn

Today’s photos

Flowers, northern flicker, a mushroom, today’s sunflower and the colours of the field, mountain, trees and sky kept drawing me in.


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