The boys are back

Monday, 7 September 2020

Happy Labour Day

My brother and nephews came back for the day, working once again in the shop. They did a great job sorting through everything. They got rid of lots of junk and organized what was left. The place looks awesome and inviting.

The best part was having them stay for dinner and chatting afterwards. Thanks for buying the pizza George!

While the guys worked in the garage, I worked on moving my office into the living room. I’ve got it all set up on two tables for now to get a feel of how much space I need. Most of the desks I looked at online and liked were sold out. Hoping to get something by the end of the month.

I’m sitting on the veranda writing this post on my phone, watching the rain clouds move in, watching the birds at the feeder and listening to the crickets. I can feel the humidity dropping as the light breeze now has a chill to it.

Clouds moving in as I write this post. Photo of the day, 7 Sep 2020 © WQuinn

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