A countryside roadtrip through Prescott-Russell in search of Popsilos

Sunday, 6 September 2020

What a great day for a roadtrip through the countryside – sunny and cool.

My mom, sister, niece and I headed out early afternoon in search of the Popsilos. Our first stop was Vankleek Hill Vineyard in Vankleek Hill. This was my first time visiting a vineyard and I had no idea what to expect, especially since COVID-19.

The silo was visible from the road and that would be the best spot to take a photo. We drove down the laneway, pleasantly surprised at how rustic and farm-like it was. I guess I was expecting concrete and commercial looking. I much preferred this though…the place was very charming!

We were greeted by a border collie; chickens roamed nearby, as did a friendly tabby cat. Tables and chairs were set up outside. There were no tastings or tours available but you could buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it on the premises. The owners suggested we walk around the grounds and look at the variety of grapes growing on the vines. We bought lots of wine – and I purchased a small bottle of red pepper jelly – then spent some time wandering the grounds and looking at the grapes.

Our next stop was Ouimet Farms Adventure. It was closed to the public but we managed to get a few photos from their parking lot.

Ouimet Farms Adventure Silo. © WQuinn 2020

Next was the Robert and Louise Lalande Farm and the silo “Stardust” followed by the Farmhouse.

The Robert and Louise Lalande Farm silo “Stardust” © WQuinn 2020

My favorite was the Drouin farm in Casselman. It’s a popular spot for weddings and recently started a drive-in theatre. There’s a handful of animals such as deer, sheep, horses and a donkey. It was a very quiet and peaceful spot! The silo painting “The Sowing” shows the transition of the farm from generation to generation. The owner explained each element of the painting to us. It’s just fabulous!

Next was a visit to the St-Albert Cheese Co-op…a place I’ve always wanted to visit! And a trip here would not be complete without trying their cheese curds on a poutine. We followed up with a drive by the Ben-Rey-Mo ltd farm for a quick pick of their silo.

The Ben-Rey-Mo ltd. Farm silo. © WQuinn 2020

The last silo on the road trip was at the Michel Dignard and Jeannette Mongeon farm in Embrum. This painting was stunning. The pure joy on the girl’s face is infectious and you can’t help but smile and bask in her joy.

It was a fun day filled with laughter and joy. It was also a much needed change of scenery, not to mention a COVID safe day too. We entered two buildings, both of which were well prepared with hand sanitizer, everyone wore masks, and only a few people were about. The great news is Popsilos continues until the end of October. If you happen to find yourself in Eastern Ontario, I highly recommend it as a safe way to enjoy the countryside, get a change of scenery and some country stillness.

Today’s photo

Today’s photo of the day goes to…

Mom’s sunflower hat. Photo of the day, 6 Sep 2020 © WQuinn

And today’s daily sunflower photo:

Sunflower. © WQuinn 2020

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