Last day of holidays

Friday, 21 August 2020

What a fun week it’s been. I really enjoyed having time to myself, especially spending more time outside watching nature. Not to mention tackling a few projects!

Today was another quiet one. I enjoyed breakfast on the veranda watching the rain, and the birds. Spent a lot of time reading and some time de-cluttering. I tried really hard to not be too hard on myself this week by allowing myself to do what I want to do and not what I feel I should be doing. Baby steps.

Today’s photos

As I spent most of my time watching birds today, my photos from today are, you guess it…birds.

The blue jays are around, having returned not too long ago. I can hear them but rarely do I see them. And, when I do see them at the feeders, they fly off. Today, I managed to take this one’s photo.

Blue jay. Photo of the day, 21 Aug 2020 ©WQuinn

Here are some photos from the bird garden: A nuthatch, female and male purple finches, and a goldfinch and female purple finch.


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