Freedom Friday

14 August 2020

I’m on holidays for a week! I finished my work day on course, another amazing course on accessibility, and cruised into the first weekend of my holidays.

Mom just asked me what my plans are for tomorrow and my reply? I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. First time I’ve done that in a while. Sweet freedom.

Today’s lunch was courtesy of Mother Nature. Straight from my garden. It was delicious.

corn, carrot, three cherry tomatoes and a handful of yellow and green beans.
Vegetables from my garden. Photo of the day, 14 Aug 2020 ©WQuinn

In February, when I was looking through the online seed catalogue, my knowledge of yellow beans was limited. I have grown them before but didn’t know what variety of bean they were. I just picked up a seed packet at a store, planted it, ate it and enjoyed it. Pole beans were sold out so I chose string beans. I mean a bean is a bean right?


yellow bean with string showing
Yellow string bean. ©WQuinn 2020

I now know that “string” beans have strings down both sides of the bean. They are delicious but a real pain in the *ss to eat. Now I know why all the pole beans were sold out!!!


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