Sunday storms

Sunday, 2 August 2020

I hope everyone is ok tonight after such crazy weather in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Tornado watches, warnings and sightings…crazy stuff. I holed up in our cold storage with Mom and Ashes for a little while this afternoon. Dukes wouldn’t have any of it and escaped on me. So very thankful nothing happened here and even more grateful we packed up our tent yesterday. It sure would have been messy packing up in the rain!

Cumulus clouds and blue sky after several hours of stormy weather including tornado warnings. Photo of the day, 2 Aug 2020 ©WQuinn

The day started out with a light gentle rain. I walked the yard in my yellow rain jacket pulling ragweed until the rain got heavier. Then I sat on the veranda, sipping tea, watching birds. One in particular caught my attention. I thought it could be an Eastern Kingbird because it was grey and white but it looked larger. Too far for my eyes, I got the binoculars and my camera. It had a tuft of hair, definitely not a kingbird. I transferred the photo from my Canon T6i to my Google phone (Pixel 3a XL) and uploaded the image to the Merlin app. It only took a few seconds for a positive I.D. (sometimes technology is so amazing!) She is a Belted Kingfisher!

Belted Kingfisher identified by the Merlin app. ©WQuinn 2020
This is the original photo before I enlarged it for the Merlin app.©WQuinn

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