Canadian summer bliss

Thursday, 30 July 2020

It’s an evening like this that sums up summer in Canada.

Canadian summer. Photo of the day, 30 Jul 2020 © WQuinn

Sitting by the river, tunes on the box, ducks swimming by, enjoying a cold beverage on a hot evening as the sun teases it’s decent.

What strikes me most is the sound of silence. Not the song 🤣, but the actual silence. How often in your day can you say you hear nothing?

I stood near the river, the moon shining bright, the stars appearing one by one as the sky slowly darkened to astronomical twilight and I hear…nothing. No cars, no boats, no dogs, no fridges, no air conditioners…it’s pure bliss and my paradise for a few days.

Ottawa River. © WQuinn 2020
A forest view. © WQuinn 2020
Waxing Gibbous moon. © WQuinn 2020
Ottawa River sunset. © WQuinn 2020