Toasty Tuesday

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Another doozy of a humid one out there today. Not as bad as yesterday and cooled off nicely just after sunset.

My new office chair arrived today. It’s a beaut and I can’t wait to get it together.

My new office chair, looks more like a racing car seat. ©WQuinn 2020

While watering the gardens tonight I spotted a few more black-eyed susans. They’re slowly making their way back. For many years now, I have had three spots around the yard where black-eyed susans would grow. This year, I have five flowers. I’m not sure what’s changed.

Four black-eyed susans plants. ©WQuinn 2020

Same goes for my peppermint/spearmint plants. Usually they are three feet tall by now and spreading like wild fire. Now I have maybe a dozen plants about 3 inches tall. Very strange.

The sunflower has changed so much since yesterday:

Beautiful sunflower in full bloom, taken this evening. ©WQuinn 2020
Sunflower from yesterday, not quite finished blooming yet. ©WQuinn 2020
Echinacea. Photo of the day, 28 Jul 2020. ©WQuinn

My cats like to sleep in my closet, on top of – or in – my dresser. Dukes was sleeping on top of the dresser, hiding behind one of my shirts. Ashes decided she wanted to sleep in the drawer and didn’t realize Dukes was there, until this moment which I captured. Hissing and screeching soon followed. Sigh…feline siblings.

Dukes hiding behind my shirt and Ashes in the top drawer. ©WQuinn 2020

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