Elder advice

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

I listened to an Elder speak about COVID-19. Not just from the perspective of the impact it has had on the Indigenous community but what he felt this pandemic means, in the bigger scheme of things.

He felt it is a special gift allowing us to slow down and spend time getting in touch with our inner self. A wonderful time for reflecting on what is important in our lives and what is not.

His wife spoke about spending time on a computer and knowing when you’ve had enough, when your “battery” has been depleted. How important it is to recharge your battery with things you enjoy doing and taking the time to discover what it is you like to do.

As I listed to her sage advice, I was struck by a few things. Firstly, I spend way too much time on my computer. There are personal projects I want to complete but, after spending an entire day on the computer, I don’t want to spend more time on it working on my fun, personal projects.

Secondly, I can feel my energy becoming depleted and yet I push myself to keep going, feeling guilty for leaving the computer during work hours. Yet, those rare days when I realize I can’t go on, I can’t create or be creative because there’s nothing left in me, I take a walk outside, play in my garden…pull a few weeds, look for monarch caterpillars, take pictures, sit on the swing, walk to the river, watch the birds…I feel my battery fill up, I feel my joy light up and I feel my creative spark ignite.

Thirdly, she sounded like me giving advice to my clients. Almost word for word. I have spoken those same words yet, I sometimes forget to take my own advice! A timely reminder so…Miigwetch / Thank you!

Hummingbird perched on post. Photo of the day 21 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn
Northern Flickers on lawn. ©WQuinn 2020
Look how tall that corn is! My vegetable garden. ©WQuinn 2020
Three stages of dried chamomile: left is almost ready for the jar, middle is only a day old and right is from tonight. ©WQuinn 2020

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