Sleepy Sunday

Sunday, 19 July 2020

A 5 a.m. thunderstorm jolted me awake this morning. I opened my window a little to listen to the rain and thunder. What a beautiful way to wake up on a summer Sunday morning. Even better than I could turn over and fall back to sleep for a couple of more hours!

The heat and humidity were quite high today, I did a few things outside but couldn’t last so spent my day indoors doing a lot of…well nothing really! Some might call it a leisurely Sunday. 😉

An hour before sunset, a beautiful breeze picked up, making it bearable to sit outside for a spell. I sat on the swing, under the Manitoba maple tree, enjoying the view.

Side veranda. Photo of the day, 19 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn
A goldfinch giving me the eye. ©WQuinn 2020
Tonight’s fiery sunset. Started out orange and built until the sky was fiery red! ©WQuinn 2020