Well, wasn’t that a storm!

Friday, 17 July 2020

5 a.m.: A flash of lightening so bright, almost blinding. Followed by a clap of thunder loud enough to wake the dead. Three times. The third time I leaped out of bed, phone in hand to capture the sound, the light, the sensation.

I almost tripped over the cats trying to get into my room…looking for a safe place to hide, and the comfort of their human.

It was so dark. Almost frightening and yet so amazing.

And then it was gone.

The sky was lighter, lightening flashed in the distance, thunder rolled further away. I plugged the computer back in and got up to get on with my day.

45 minutes from the first flash, the skies darkened once again, lighting up with flashes of light and thunder moving in again.

For all the storms that bypassed us last night, they sure are making up for it this morning!

What a storm!

This evening I enjoyed visiting with my sister and her family, a little swimming, supper, fire and ended with comet gazing.

Comet Neowise, photo of the day, 17 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn