A Summery Saturday

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

I started my post early this evening, getting a jump start on my night. I was sitting inside, recalling a beautiful sunny summer day. This is how I started it…

…Today was one of those text book perfect days. I seem to be having a lot of those lately and I’m beyond grateful! There was no humidity today. None! 29°C felt like 29°C. What a relief after a week of hot humid weather. Add to that a nice breeze and, in my books, it was a perfect summer day. I did a few things around the yard then grabbed my Kobo and sat under the shade of the Manitoba maple tree until my eyes got heavy and my bed called for an afternoon nap. What a day!

I put it aside to have dinner, planning to get back to it at bed time, as usual.

Then I saw the full moon rising. I stepped outside to watch it play hide and seek behind some clouds. So mysterious and beautiful. The fireflies were dancing, the bull frogs serenading, and there was no chill to the air, nor humidity. It was quite literally the perfect night for sleeping outside!

My tent was already set up, I inflated a mattress, grabbed my bedding and pillow and my camera.

After a photoshoot with the moon and the river, I sat on the river bank to finish my blog and listen to the frogs and all the other night sounds.

I took this video to share the serenading frogs with you. It’s more for listening than viewing. I hope you enjoy

Photo of the day, 4 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn

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