Saturday, 13 June 2020

Colourful bouquet of flowers
©WQuinn 2020

I’m starting off with a bouquet of flowers because…who doesn’t love flowers? They’re so cheerful and lovely.

It was a cold start to the morning which had us working inside instead of outside. We decided to tackle the pantry door and finally get it installed. Mom made the door… Isn’t it gorgeous?! Can you see the dog or wolf faces throughout? I love it. Now if only we could hang it!

Pantry door ©WQuinn 2020

We’ve run into a problem and looks like we’re on hold a little longer…

I managed to spend some time outside in the garden. I had a load of garden soil delivered last week and was able to transplant some things to larger pots… tomatoes and Malva Zebrinas. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get started on my rock wall. I can feel my muscles already cringing! 😉

Blue hour sunset
Photo of the day, 13 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn

Sweet dreams 😘😴


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