Friday, 12 June 2020

Today is a strange day, and not just weather wise. I’d need another page just to chat about that. Seriously though. I’ve been seeing videos of fighting, a woman verbally attacking another woman just because she’s not white. In fact, that same woman was in another video being nasty to a black man.

The comments on Twitter are normally pretty disgusting, but lately… especially today…what’s going on?!?

A blue-checked person on Twitter was calling other people out on their beliefs and behaviour…by calling them names and making fun of them.

Then my cats are fighting, the baby geese are at it.

Enough already. Seriously. Enough.

I’m tired of all the hatred. It’s been amplifying steadily all week. And now I see it in my happy place.

It’s time for love. Only love. You can’t fight hate with hate. No you can’t. Only love can vanquish hate. Only light can eradicate dark. Love is light. Light is love.

I will look for love. I will search out the light. I will amplify the light and love. I will be a beacon of light.

There is more light and love in this world than there is darkness and hate.

There are more good people than not. I will look for the good.

Tails are forming!
Photo of the day, 12 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn


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