Thursday, 4 June 2020

Today felt like Friday all day… Not sure what tomorrow is going to be like!

It was a busy day getting infographics completed and I’ve volunteered to be a tester of a new portal opening up soon, so that’s cool. Also managed to get some gardening done.

Our guy…we have a guy…who has been working around our yard. He dropped off clean fill last month when we had a sign up on the lawn looking for clean fill. He then offered his services to spread the fill and, since then, we’ve kept him busy. Today he dropped off four yards of garden soil. Now I can fill up some garden boxes and containers. Really stoked!!!

We popped into Ottawa to visit my nephews who moved into their first apartment this week. It’s a beautiful place and I’m excited for them, proud of the young men they’ve become and a little nostalgic for the little boys they were.

Then we popped over to see my sister-in-law’s new apartment. It’s stunningly beautiful and such a contrast to the boys modern apartment. Her’s is circa 1920s…has the feel of an old church. Gorgeous wood burning fireplace with a stone mantel. She’s moving in on the weekend so no furniture yet.

Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday so she wanted to see most of her babies tonight!

I didn’t have my camera and tried to capture the near full moon and tonight’s sunset…with my phone…not great but it’s something.

I fed the cats when I got home…left the kitchen to get ready for bed…you know, brushing my teeth and so on. I noticed Ashes wasn’t in the kitchen and she still had food. Kinda strange. I walked into my room, noticed the closet door open and there she was, sitting in my laundry basket…silly girl.

153/366 Photo of the day, 4 Jun 2020 ©WQuinn

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