Monday, 1 June 2020

What I remembered today, during my morning walk, was this:

When looking for signs, one does not walk along chanting, “I’m ready, show me the signs…where are the signs…”

Instead, what one does is clear their mind, be present in the moment by listening to the sounds, look at the sights, be aware of their feelings, intuitive thoughts, nudges and so on. All while keeping an open mind, free of cluttering thoughts and worries.

It’s seeing a robin on the lawn, pulling at a worm, dropping the worm, getting it again, dropping it, but getting it again. It’s sharing a greeting with a stranger, seeing numbers on hydro poles…

Number 5…Family ©WQuinn 2020
Today’s destination…the yellow and black sign. 2.15 km. ©WQuinn 2020

I made it to the bottom of the gully today and took a quick moment to enjoy the creek. I haven’t been down here in years! When my longtime neighbour owned the land, I would explore this spot, sit and enjoy the creek and the quiet.

152/366 Photo of the day, 1 Jun 2020

Signs: Robin fetching a worm, dropping it and getting it again.

Meaning: two things:

  • early bird gets the worm…getting up early is good for the soul, you get so much accomplished before most people are even up!
  • Persistence pays off. Don’t give up so easily. Keep trying, keep working at it and it will work out.


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