Wednesday, 20 May 2020

I forgot what it’s like to be consumed with a work project. All my time and energy goes into it and I don’t seem to have any left for home projects, like gardening. But, if COVID hibernation has taught me anything, it’s to take time out for me.

I’ve been walking every morning, averaging twenty minutes. It’s the first thing I do, then I take a few moments to take in the morning, thank God for all these amazing gifts he’s bestowed upon us and then I get breakfast started.

Backup to February and I was sleeping in until the last minute, exercise didn’t happen, neither did quiet me time. Gratitude took a backseat as did so many other things. Once I started work, I wouldn’t stop, not for breaks and rarely for lunch. Now I make sure to take a walk to the river at least once, sometime more. It’s nice. I like this change.

I had a craving for a glass of milk this evening. I haven’t drank milk in probably ten years, maybe more. So strange. But I have in to it, figuring my body is missing something, and I had a glass. I mentioned it to Mom and she laughed…she had a craving for milk last night. That’s just too weird!!!

Flowers by the river ©WQuinn 2020
Tulips from the garden
140/366 Photo of the day, 20 May 2020 ©WQuinn
Tonight’s sunset was so bright, it lit up the living room with a red glow!
©WQuinn 2020

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