Tuesday, 19 May 2020

This is how I started my day…so peaceful:

Spring morning by the river

The work front has been pretty quiet since Covid hibernation kicked in. Today, though, I received a new project…two infographics to design. I was eager to get started, and get back into design mode.

There was a niggle of doubt that I could be creative and do a good job but I quickly quashed it and got started.

I like to start all of my projects with a mood board. It sets the mood of the project by collecting all the info I need in one place: Colours, fonts, images, and logos.

If corporate looks and feel is mandatory, then the colours, fonts and logos are set. If not, then I have some goto fonts to choose from, depending on the feel of the document. I like fonts with large families, like Segoe UI, which as extras like semibold, semilight, black and light.

Most of my designs adhere to accessibility standards, especially colour contrast. I double-check all the colours to ensure they meet the standards, add them to my mood board and then I’m ready to design.

Creating the mood board takes some time at the beginning of the project but I feel it’s worth it because I find it saves time in the long run. Once the colours and fonts are chosen and meet accessibility, and you know what images you have to work with, everything else falls into place…well usually!

It was fun designing again!

This evening’s walk ended with this cloud in the sky. My first thought was it looked like Mother Mary praying over my yard. Blessed I am!

139/366 Photo of the day, 19 May 2020 ©WQuinn


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