Friday, 15 May 2020

Someone told me this weekend is the long weekend and my response was “What’s a long weekend?” These days, every day feels like a weekend.

It’s our May 2-4 weekend, even though it’s falling on the 18th this year, we still refer to it as the 2-4…go figure. The “unofficial” first long weekend of the summer is when families escape to the lake to open up the cottage; get the tent and sleeping bags out for the first of many weekend camping trips; tackle a house project; or get the garden in.

I used to go to my aunt and uncle’s cottage every long weekend during the summer, until I bought a house. Long weekends were then dedicated to house projects like painting, building, fixing, AND getting the garden in. Now, I try to find some balance. Summer is so short, I like to get the garden in as soon as I can, so I can enjoy fresh veggies! Yum. Thanks to COVID hibernation and a lack of work projects, I have had a chance to get a lot of stuff done around the yard already. It’s the first time in a very long time I feel ahead of the game. I count myself lucky that I have not been affected in any way by COVID-19 and pray it stays that way.

I have been on my laptop a lot the last couple of days. A story idea came to me yesterday which needed to get down. I stepped away from my laptop a few times when I ran out of words, only to walk around outside for a few minutes, then running back to my laptop to continue writing. This went on all day, evening and into the night! Felt great to get back to writing. Today I had reading to catch up on before a work meeting this afternoon. I managed to get a way for a walk before the rain started and took some pictures of the trees budding. I love nature!

Enjoy your weekend, especially if it’s a long one!

©WQuinn 2020
©WQuinn 2020
©WQuinn 2020
Stormy sky
135/366 Photo of the day, 15 May 2020 ©WQuinn


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