Friday, 8 May 2020

Rose-breasted grosbeak © WQuinn 2020

A rose-breasted grosbeak visited the feeders today. I was delighted he returned for another year!

But I was thrilled to see blue jay. I didn’t realize that the blue jays I photograph during the winter are not the same ones I see in the summer. Apparently they’re from up north and are larger than our summer blue jays. We do go through a period where we don’t have blue jays. Last week or so, I noticed a couple hanging around but they wouldn’t come close. That changed this morning. Right after the grosbeak visited, blue jay flew in, sat for a while, changing side…almost like he was posing! He drank from the bird bath, then settled on the veranda for more photos and eventually flew away.

128/366 Photo of the day, 8 May 2020 ©WQuinn – Blue jay

They’re such beautiful birds!


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