Sunday, Funday, 3 May 2020… I think…

I’m so ready for this to be over. Even as the hermit I normally am…I miss going out.

And apparently, the people of Gatineau and Val-des-Monts must feel the same way and are doing something about it. The traffic on the highway in front of my house was almost back to normal this weekend, with a steady stream of cars going in both directions. Trucks pulling boats up to Perkins’ cottage country, motorcycles touring, cyclists cycling the route. Huh…

First grackle I’ve seen in the yard this season. ©WQuinn 2020

Aside from the noisey traffic out front, the backyard was a paradise. Funny enough, it was like living in two climate zones. The back was great, hot, hot, hot, whereas the side and front were windy and cool. Tank top and shorts in the backyard, jeans and a sweater out front!

Late afternoon, I was in my flower garden refilling the bird feeders and was captivated by the view. What a beautiful spot I live in. Even with the crazy traffic out front, I feel so blessed to have this paradise in my backyard!

123/366 Photo of the day, 3 May 2020

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