Wednesday, 29 April 2020

I felt a bit like a renegade today as I crossed the border into Ottawa. The parliament building were a sight to behold, even from a distance.

Parliament buildings, Ottawa. © WQuinn 2020

Mom’s pharmacy is in Ottawa, so we headed into town to pickup her prescription. The border was open and it was free sailing. The first time in six weeks I’ve been to Ottawa! First time in six weeks to be inside a store. That was strange. I felt guilty, and a little like I was in a video game…checking corners to make sure no one was coming, double checking aisles to make sure they were clear. And when they were not, making a game plan for my next steps. There were two other shoppers plus myself, so not at all busy.

I took advantage of being in Ottawa and ordered takeout from the Lone Star…one of my favourite restaurants. We don’t have one on this side ☹️

119/366 Photo of the day, 29 Apr 2020 © WQuinn

Also popped over to see my nephews and sister-in-law, who live near the pharmacy. We stayed a safe distance and refrained from hugging…which was extremely hard.

The police were out on our way home, stopping Ontario cars from entering Quebec. We were waved through with no problems.

We had one more stop before home, and that was to pick up our online grocery order which went smoothly.

I didn’t break any rules, I followed guidelines to a tee, and yet I feel guilty because I left my house. 🤷‍♀️

These are strange times, for sure!


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