Tuesday, 28 April 2020

I slept-in this morning, to almost 9:30 am. That’s unusual as, but boy, did it feel good!

Lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures today. It got up to 15°C, pretty sweet.

A couple of days ago, Mom noticed one of my starter plants that I grew from seed in February, was about to bloom. For some reason, I thought it was a holly hock. This morning, I checked on it and it was blooming. Not a holly hock though but a malva zebrina! Such a beautiful flower 🙂

118/366 Photo of the day, 28 Apr 2020 ©WQuinn
Malva Zabrina

I spent some time out side, transplanting and pruning my plants, and some time in my bedroom, cleaning out my closet. I’m trying to declutter but managed to succeed in moving things from one spot to another spot! Ha Ha. Better luck tomorrow. I did manage to find a ring I thought was misplaced and am now wearing. I also stumbled upon a story I wrote last April. 9 hand-written pages. I sat down to read it. Enjoyed it and wished I had more. Then I remembered that day in April. I was writing my daily pages – three pages, hand-written, of anything that comes to mind. This day, the three pages were filled with a dialogue between a man and his therapist. The three pages morphed into nine. The dialogue was finished. But the story wasn’t. I remember, Mom was up now, my quiet writing bubble was gone. I tried to get on with my day but couldn’t. The story wanted to be told. I went into my bedroom, closed the door, and typed and typed and typed. Eleven pages, single spaced. I found the document this evening and read it. I enjoyed it. I added another page or two. There so much more to add. But I need to sit with the story for the night to see what comes next. I LOVE when things like this happen… Getting the nudge to clean the closet, finding something unfinished, opens the door to be creative, to finish the project.

I went for a walk as the sun was beginning its descent. Here’s what I saw…more of nature’s beauty that filled my soul, I hope fills yours too!


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