Monday, 27 April 2020

It was a quiet day today. Bird watching and garden planning.

Today is my last bird count day for the season of the Feeder Watch program. A few of today’s visitors:

117/366 Photo of the day, 27 Apr 2020 ©WQuinn
Purple finch (female)

Also spent time planning out my vegetable and tea gardens. I’m creating a square foot garden so planning what goes where, ensuring everything is compatible…keeping the onions away from the beans (who knew?) involved a little jigging but I think I’m close! Once the earth is warm enough to plant, I will be ready!

Funny enough, a few weeks ago I transplanted some spinach plants to larger containers. The tall plants looked like they could use some support, so I gathered some branches from the lawn, snapped them to size then stuck them in the pot as a stake. Some of the spinach plants died off, but some lived. I noticed interesting looking leafs appearing in the pots and thought it strange as they don’t look like spinach leave. Upon closer inspection, I realized the branches had sprouted!


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