Thursday, 23 April 2020

113/366 Photo of the day, male wild turkey, 23 Apr 2020 ©WQuinn

Today, I am feeling the emotions. I try so hard to keep what’s going on in the world away from my bubble. I know what’s going on, I’m aware and keep up-to-date, but it’s on the peripheral. Every now and then, though, it pokes a hole through my bubble and I feel. I feel a whole lot of feelings. Then I think about it, about how everyone is going through this same exact thing as I am. Not just in North America, but the entire world. This entire planet. It boggles my mind. I can’t really grasp it.

I forced myself to get outside today, in the sunshine, and get active with some physical activity. I transplanted 11 trees today. Hard physical work; brisk, clean, fresh air; and sunshine. A great combination to lift my mood. Then I watched the One World Together concert, which I had PVR’d…It was a lovely concert, well put together considering the limitations we’re all facing. It brought up more feelings. So, I’m allowing myself the time to feel, to just be with these feelings and see what may be.

Some days are amazing, some are great, some are good, and some are sad. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Some of the things I’ve been missing during the COVID-19 isolation, other than my family…can’t wait for hugs…are flowers. I love flowers and, while shopping for groceries, I would often pickup a bouquet for the house. I’ve decided to flood my page with flowers tonight, in case you’re missing flowers too. Enjoy!



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