Monday, 20 April 2020

20 04 2020

Sipping my tea this morning while watching the birds (inside…it was too cold to be out, brrrr), I had the thought, “I love Sundays” only to realize seconds later, it’s Monday. My heart sank, sigh. It’s Monday.

I find it strange to feel like this, about Monday, while in quarantine mode where everyday seems like a weekend… The good news for the day was the sunshine…all day sunshine.

I started my morning with a headache again. Took a couple Motrin, an ice pack and went back to bed for an hour. Felt a little better, then applied some essential oils to my neck, did some stretching exercises and got on with my day. Eventually the pain subsided… Thank God 🙏 because I had plans for my day!

Now, the soap didn’t quite turn out as well as I had hoped for. I made one loaf, three rounds in the silicon tray and one special mold.

The loaf looked a little too glossy, kind of like the gel phase. And the circles and special mold were soft and squishy. I did a little research and it could be too much humidity and/or old lye. I was relieved to learn the batch will be useable. It’s been cut up and placed on a rack to do its thing for the next 4-6 weeks.

Lemon poppyseed cold press soap © WQuinn 2020

You’ve no doubt heard that invention is the mother of necessity…well…we ran out of chips. No biggy, probably a good thing for my waistline. However, our next grocery order isn’t for a couple of weeks. So, I decided to try making my own.

I watched a few YouTube videos, found a few recipes and started experimenting. Wanting to avoid deep frying to perhaps try a healthier alternative…as if there’s such a thing as a healthy potato chip…I opted for microwave and oven chips.

I cut one potato using a mandolin, but the slices were too thick. I cooked then anyway and it took quite some time to get crispy.

Next, I cut another potato, this time by hand. I divided the pile into two, one for the microwave and one for the oven.

Counter clockwise from top left: thick microwaved, thin microwaved, and thin oven baked potato chips. ©WQuinn 2020

The microwave was faster, but the ones from the oven tasted better.

Now that I can make my own potato chips…chips that are very tasty…I have no desire to buy a bag from the store. If I get the craving, I can cook up one potato and be done, instead of eating an entire bag. That’s got to be good, eh?!

Some days I have one picture, other days I have a lot. It’s all about being in the moment and capturing those fleeting moments, like Dukes sleeping, and the chickadee sticking around longer than normal so I can get a good shot.

Had a catnap with Dukes ©WQuinn 2020
Black capped chickadee ©WQuinn 2020

And I ended my day with another gorgeous sunset! Amazing!

110/366 Photo of the day, 20 Apr 2020

Edit: necessity is the mother of invention…not the other way around 😉



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