Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Snowy start to the day © WQuinn 2020

Well now that came as a surprise! A blanket of the white stuff. It was melted by mid morning but it was still biting cold most of the day. At least in the wind it was.

I was out digging holes to transplant trees. As long as I was working I was warm enough. But stop for a few minutes and the windchill would bite through my clothes. But move behind the house, out of the wind, and it felt like a warm spring day in the sun!

I was pretty excited to have Woody, the hairy woodpecker, back at the suet feeder today. I made a new batch the other day and have been waiting for their return.

A male Hairy woodpecker eats suet from a suet cage © WQuinn 2020
A male Hairy woodpecker looks at suet
© WQuinn 2020

And today’s photo is a male golden finch. They sure are getting bright!

105/366 Photo of the day, 15 Apr 2020