Tuesday, 14 April 2020

I woke up with the aid of an alarm clock this morning. To get the garbage bins to the road in time for pickup. I really needed the help to get up. I think I might be getting lazy. It might be time to get back in the habit of early to bed, early to rise. The Covid-19 self-isolation routine has progressed to late nights and late mornings.

It was so lovely seeing the sun this morning, so I pulled my rocker into the kitchen and watched nature while I ate breakfast. Clouds rolled in the sun peaked out every so often and when it did, the trees across the river lit up like silver. It was incredible to watch. I took some photos but don’t think they captured the beauty.

104/366 Photo of the day, 14 Apr 2020
Sunlight highlights tips of spruce trees so they look like silver. © WQuinn 2020

By the way, I normally take the garbage out the night before but the heavy winds would have knocked the bins and garbage around the neighbourhood!

Funny enough, I found myself picking up trash that blew over from my neighbours recycle bin, during my afternoon walk! Stuff was stuck in tree branches and long grass. I followed a Doritos chip bag down the hill towards the river. In retrieving the bag, I noticed the pathway through the forest to the river was finally free of snow and ice.

This is one of my favourite spots and the place I like to swim in the summer. We had lots of rain yesterday which brought the water level up higher than normal and it looks so lovely! I love to sit here and watch the geese and ducks, the beavers and otters and enjoy nature.

River laps at shore © WQuinn 2020
© WQuinn 2020
© WQuinn 2020

Today was also an interesting cloud day. Do you see the faces in the clouds in these two photos?


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