Friday, 3 April 2020

All day I thought today was Monday and there was a time Friday was a fun day because it meant the start of the weekend. Funny how quickly things can change.

I walked down to the river today. All the snow behind the house is gone which made for an easy walk. The ice was almost gone, except for one portion on the other side. By sundown, it too had come loose and floated down the river.

Ice pulled away from shore and makes its way down river © WQuinn

Was delighted to see two hooded merganser ducks. The image isn’t great but you can clearly see the distinctive puffed black and white head.

Hooded merganser (female and male) © WQuinn 2020

The geese were none to happy to be photographed and took off shortly after I got there and started taking photos.

Canada geese on ice
Canada geese take off from ice © WQuinn


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