Friday, 27 March 2020

What a beautiful sunny day! A great one for getting outside for fresh air and sunshine! Which is just what I did. I’m so grateful to be living in the country surrounded by nature, especially at this time of the year as life begins to bloom again in the trees, the grass, and the animals! Like these pussy willows:

86/366 Photo of the day, 27 Mar 2020 © WQuinn

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but the stars in the west sky seem brighter than normal. When I look out my bedroom window, I see so many starts compared to a few months ago. At first I thought it might be because the street lamp is no longer working. But I’m thinking it has more to do with the lights in Chelsea or Cantley. I remember there used to be a glow in the sky which is no longer there. I’m grateful! And I took advantage of it, and the clear sky tonight, to take some night shots of the stars and the moon and Venus.

I’m out of practice as these photos will show but I had fun and they’re not too bad!

Moon and it’s reflection © WQuinn 2020
© WQuinn 2020
Venus and the moon © WQuinn 2020


Thursday, 26 March 2020

It was like they were dancing on the air. Perfectly choreographed, totally in synch. I watched mesmerized. Two large black birds. Not Ravens. Then I saw the white tails. Pigeons? No, too small. Not geese…they don’t fly like this. Then they turned direction, towards me and I saw the white heads. I ran for the binoculars and confirmed it…two bald eagles!

No time for a photo but a moment that will last forever in my heart.

During a lunchtime walk, I noticed a V in the sky, geese flying overhead in perfect formation. I took a picture then watched in awe as they changed places, changing formation…like they were dancing on air!

Perfect formation begins to change © WQuinn
Not sure what’s happening but it’s beautiful how they’re moving around. © WQuinn
Looks like a ribbon, like this: 🎗️© WQuinn

The dancing eventually stopped and they were on their way!

Today’s photo is of a pussy willow…just love these things.

85/366 Photo of the day, 25 Mar 2020 © WQuinn

Later, I was inside the house, looked out to see a pileated woodpecker at the suet feeder! So close and so beautiful! I reached for the camera but he fled before I could get it.

What a grand day of nature filling my soul!

I’ll leave you with a cat picture from this afternoon!

Dukes undercover © WQuinn 2020


Wednesday, 25 March 2020

This morning’s sunrise.

84/366 Photo of the day, 25 Mar 2020
© WQuinn

I had no idea what day of the week it was today.

They’re beginning to blur.

I often did things on the weekend, like visit my sister or go to a movie. And we went into the office Wednesdays and Thursdays, stopping for groceries and take out for dinner. Now that those activities are on hold, things are beginning to blur and run into each other. I’m going to do something each day that is different so I can differentiate between the days…

© WQuinn 2020

The river was open this morning. So nice and peaceful watching the ducks and geese and the ripples they make on the water.

I’m looking for happiness, joy and peace wherever I can find it. Today, it was in nature, watching the ducks on the river. It was also in my bedroom, watching my cats enjoying life the cat way!


Tuesday, 24 March 2020

My book arrived from the printers today! Six years procrastinating in the making!

My family tree book!
Inside pages

It looks great. I’ve picked out a few small things I’ll change for the final version but, so far, so good!

Things are going well here. I’m still able to connect to work, off hours, and get stuff done. We’re both still healthy and happy. Really, not much has changed for us, routine wise. Next week we might start feeling it but I’m hoping for an early spring so I can spend more time outside and get gardening. I have a few plants started inside which will be ready for transplanting in early May, as long as the ground is warm enough and the last frost has come and gone.

83/366 Photo of the day, 24 Mar 2020 © WQuinn

Today’s photo was taken with my phone of this morning’s sunrise. So pretty!

One of the perks of working from home is taking a cat nap…with your 🐈! © WQuinn 2020